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24 Hour Memberships are unique to Springfield!

Get a Bronze Tanning Membership and gain access to our beds 24 Hours a day! We have the lowest prices on the best quality beds. Come by and check us out.

We also sell minute packages. Everyone’s skin type is different, so you may not need the full 10 minute sessions.

Bronze Tanning Bed
Bronze Springfield Tanning Beds
Springfield Tanning at Bronze

Norvell Airbrush System

By Appointment Only. Mon-Sat. Call 417-889-4827

Prep: Exfoliate the entire body with the scrubbing gloves is best. Do NOT use bar soap or moisturizing body washes they can stop the DHA bronzing reaction or cause an “Orange color” Do NOT put on lotion or perfume. Come in clean showered and dry skin for best results. NO sunburns you will peel up to 3weeks after a burn. Please wear an old bikini or shorts Certain parts of the body must be covered! (A G-string bottom will be ok) Wear dark loose fitting clothes to your session so you don’t take a chance of smearing your new tan. You need to wait 8-12 hours for your 1st shower a water only rinse, after that use a good moisturizing body wash and lotion to help your tan last longer. Never use bar soap and do not apply perfume directly to your skin.

Norvell Spray Tan

Top Quality Lotions

Double the effects of the lamps! Meaning you tan faster and your tan will last longer. These products are scientifically tested to work in UV light. All tanning lotions sold at Bronze have been tested by us! We have selected top quality tanning products to put on our shelves at all price ranges.

Tanning Lotions